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Back to School

Can it really be called "back" when she's never really been?  How about if she isn't even technically "going" this year?  I don't know the deep philosophical answers to those questions, what I do know is that I have 3 weeks worth of lessen plans and materials for our very own Lily Pad Preschool!  Oh wow!  I really like the sound of that.  Maybe I'll have a sign made, or add it to our arts and crafts, or sew something, or talk about it a lot and never actually get it done.

Madelyn is almost 4 and is in constant need of intellectual stimulation, so I devised a battle plan to help us through the long cold (to us who haven't lived winter in 11 years) VA winter.  My battle plan is preschool.   My sword is a pencil, my shield a piece of paper, this sentence a huge hunk of cheese.

For those of you in know about me, you know that schedules aren't really my thing, but I'm doing it.  I'm setting an alarm clock without having a specific place t…