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Can't wait

On holidays I think forward to how they will be when we have our own child. I think of what my parents did with and for us and imagine doing those same things for my own child. It's the small day to day things that shape us into what we are.

In our house, Valentines Day was never about romantic love, even though Mom and Dad obviously loved each other and did things for one another. It was always about love, family love, friendly love, the love that encompasses us daily. It was a day where we got a red heart filled with chocolate, a box of conversation hearts, those heart jawbreakers, and cute card. Nanna always sent us a Valentines Day card - ALWAYS arriving on Valentines Day. Nanna had great timing with her cards - perfect timing. Mom always got the larger Whitmans Sampler Box and all of the kids would take turns picking what we wanted from what mom didn't care for (and sometimes what she was really saving for later because it was her favorite). Daddy got red hots.


Knock knock...

So EVERYBODY but ME is KNOCKED UP! No really...there have been way too many pregnancy announcements in my life that aren't my own.

On a lighter know with the trying to concieve and all and this being my time of ovulation* and my husband being out of town we tried one last ditch effort before he left to knock me up and as I was taking him to the airport he was going through the goodbye spiel of how he was going to miss me and for me to be careful and then with a grin on his face said:

"I hope you get pregnant! When you do I'm going to tell everyone I was in Colorado and don't know anything about it!"

Gotta love him!

*So maybe you didn't know you do.