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34 weeks - 1 day

OK Punkinhead, we need to come to an agreement right here and now...

My bladder is not a trampoline. My lungs are not punching bags. My belly button is not an actual button for you to push from the inside, it won't do anything special, I promise.

Now with that said I can commence with the sweet.

Hey baby girl, it amazes me every day how much you move and grow and how you get comfortable at night just like mommy and your comfort is evidenced by the huge lopsided lump in my belly. I love to feel you and to rub you through my belly. I know you can feel us now because you respond with slight movements and less subtle kicks and punches.

You respond to your daddy much more now and will play a little game of "tug of war" where he'll push on your foot (or hand) and you'll push back. Last night you kicked him on command because he was asking mommy to do something ridiculous like cook dinner or some obnoxious thing. I can almost always find a foot or a hand pushed into m…

Melting my heart

A conversation from this morning:

"What did I even look like before I was pregnant?"

"Not as cute as you do now."

If that doesn't melt your heart then you are dead inside.

Of dreams and conversations

Several weeks ago I dreamt that we weren't able to bring home our daughter because we didn't have a carseat for her. I had to leave her at some strange house and ask about her feeding schedule, I woke up in tears. Two weeks ago, Mom and Dad bought us a carseat and stroller and wrote a note that it was so I could sleep better.

Two nights ago I dreamt that I had been able to bring her home (afterall we have a carseat now) but that she didn't have any clothes because I hadn't washed them yet. I emailed Mom about my latest dream so that she knew we'd now gotten her home and a new paranoia had set in*.

Dad called this morning to let me know that they'd fallen for it once, but I wasn't getting a new washer and dryer!

I love my parents!

*I imagine dreams like this will never go away...but just in case, I washed her blankets yesterday and the rest will follow today or tomorrow.