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Deployment Myths debunked - #1

Everyone always talks about how empty their bed seems when their spouse is deployed.  I find the exact opposite to be true.  Here is a list of things in my bed currently:

4 pillows
3 baby dolls
2 pooh bears
1 large teddy bear
3 blankets for the baby dolls
5 books

To be added to the bed in about an hour:
1 Daddy doll
1 2 year old
1 Mommy
1 laptop

and any other item needed by the 2 year old for tonights slumber.

Somehow having my Marine home and in bed is going to be so much less crowded!

100 days down...


Secrets revealed!

So I guess you could say that 3Gs is moving.  We are heading over to our new digs at Four Ribbons!  All of your favorite posts from here will be moving over there as well but before we clutter up the place, we'd love you for you to go take a look around.

In addition to our new website, we also have an Etsy store and facebook page so look us up!

Wordless Wednesday - looking back


Hitting the wall...

We are almost to the halfway point of this deployment.  Yay!  But also Boo!  I am reaching that point where I no longer just miss Chris, but I feel like a whole entire piece of me is missing.  I lay in bed and wonder when it will be full again and when I wake up on the weekends I miss our morning cuddles as a family.  It's been 3 months since I've had that and it'll be 4 more before I have it again.  Typing it out like that makes me think of running a race...well, walking it actually, cause we all know I don't run.  We're too far in to give up and just head to Denny's for breakfast, but the finish line is just so far away that I wanna go sit on that wall over there and wait for a ride.

To say that I miss Chris is so inadequate, but I cannot formulate the words to express just how deeply it goes.  I am at the point where I'm gonna have to have an ugly cry before I can get better, but the tears just aren't falling hard enough.  I know my other military fr…

What do you get...

In my quest to leave my frump at the dump, I've been trying to become more active and in doing so, I bought a wii fit.  I love games, I'm competitive and I can do it braless in my pajamas if I so desire.  I was pretty excited that while wii thinks I need to weigh less than I've ever weighed in my adult life, that it calculated my "wii fit age" at 32.  I was expecting 50 or something.  One feature is that you tell it your height and it weighs you and your little person resembles their interpretation of your body shape.  This is OK as long as  you are the only one on the screen.

Once my brother and sister in law made their profiles and put in their heights that are taller than me, it made their "miis".  I guess since I was first I got the middle spot, so now whenever I turn on the wii fit, I'm standing between two tall skinny miis and I suddenly look like an oompa loompa.

Thanks wii, for making feel like a short fat orange guy with bad pants.

Tardy to the Party

I think I'm a little more than fashionably late to the whole team Edward / team Jacob party, but I did watch New Moon last night and I have to say that I am Team Cullin. I'm not so much for the moody vampire who doesn't want to be a vampire. I thought Edward was supposed to be like a million years old. Shouldn't he be past all this teen angst crap and happy with himself? He glitters for heavens sake! If he were a girl, he'd be saving a ton of money on glitter dust. So while I'm not really digging Edward, you have to admit those inlaws are pretty awesome. All except the ones that want to eat you, but we all have our issues with inlaws.

Despite the fact that Jacob and his clan run around shirtless and are totally yummy doing so, they are a pack of dogs. Speaking of the shirtless thing, how do their jeans stay intact or do they just always have a spare pair hanging around? I guess shirts are too much trouble for a man-dog thing. I don't know. Anyway, what was …