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Fighting nature?

I have always been the type of person who believes everything happens for a reason and that things happen when they are supposed to and that we shouldn’t force things. This sometimes makes me feel like I’m not taking control of my life as much as I should, but then would I be truly happy if I forced something I wasn’t sure was supposed to happen? We don’t always know what’s best, or what we truly want. I don’t speak of religion often, I am a Christian and believe that ultimately it is all in God’s plan. It’s this fact and belief that is probably the most prevalent in my life.

I don’t always know what I want, I know what I think I want, what I think is best and then something else happens and I realize that I didn’t really need that other thing anyway because this new thing is so much better and is perfect for me. This gives me a positive outlook because if something doesn’t happen then it’s not meant to.

I’m fighting this battle with myself right now. I want a child, I want to be …