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I was going to do this post as a bullet entry, but I have decided to stop being lazy and take the time to dedicate a post to each little piece I'd like to blog about. So this is the first in a series of "bullet" entries...

Froggydaddy and I have been discussing reading to froggybaby so that she gets to know our voices in a calmer manner than what our day to day life has lent itself to most recently. Tension has been high in our household lately, with a death in the family, car vandalism, stolen rock, and confrontations with neighbors over dog poop on our property. While each of those are all posts in and of themselves and I'll probably blog about them over at Frog E. Luv, we have really allowed the negative to invade our lives and our tones of voice. I'm not saying that we yell at one another all the time or that it's a big fight, there's just an obvious undertone of frustration.

Anyway, according to my reading material, she should be able to hear us no…


I know that crazy dreams are normal during pregnancy and it kind of scared me because I already had wild dreams before I was pregnant. Now my dreams are more crazy, more vibrant and seem more and more real every night. For example:

Monday night I must have dreamt that my friend and I had made lunch plans via gmail chat because on Tuesday I had to ask her what plans we'd made. I didn't remember specific plans, but I remembered making them. We didn't. Who dreams about chatting with their friend on gmail? Seriously?

One night I dreamt that I was fighting with another friend over telling his fiancee some strange secret about his family (I think it was that he had a sister with a physical handicap) because I was trying to break them up, but I wasn't trying to break them up and my argument kept being "I know she's (the finacee) sweet, so if I was trying to break you up I would have told her that you killed your sister!"

I dream real life situations, ones tha…

Somersaults - 20 weeks

Hey there little munchkin!

Just yesterday I was wondering about when your daddy would finally be able to feel you. I have been feeling little flutters for a couple weeks now even though none of them were really definitive that they were you, I knew they were. I knew that you were in there moving around, dancing if you're anything like your mama. Then last night I was lounging on the couch after dinner and you started moving really actively! I called your daddy in and as soon as he got there and put his hand on you, you stopped moving. I don't know if it startled you when I called for him or if the weight of his large hand intimidated you, but you were still. He waited for 5 minutes, hand on my belly, and you were still. About 10 minutes after he left you started doing gymnastics again so I called him again and I could tell by the look on his face that he was just indulging me and that he didn't expect to feel anything. You had settled back down but he had patience a…


Last night I had my first pre-natal yoga class. It was NOT what I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. I guess I had somehow thought that pre-natal yoga would be sitting around chanting "Om" and rubbing your belly while doing a couple little stretches and kegels. Ha! I was pleasantly suprised and completely wrong! While the class was a little scaled down to accomodate growing bellies and the safety of some poses during pregnancy it was a good workout / stretch and I am feeling the burn today. I can already feel the change in my posture and my shoulders burn from multiple Downward facing Dogs and we did squats so my thighs should be feeling the pain tomorrow. I am looking forward to my next class!

The part that didn't suprise me was the instructors predisposition towards a natural pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She spoke often of the beauty of motherhood and is a licensed doula. While she voiced her preference and gave he…