I was going to do this post as a bullet entry, but I have decided to stop being lazy and take the time to dedicate a post to each little piece I'd like to blog about. So this is the first in a series of "bullet" entries...

Froggydaddy and I have been discussing reading to froggybaby so that she gets to know our voices in a calmer manner than what our day to day life has lent itself to most recently. Tension has been high in our household lately, with a death in the family, car vandalism, stolen rock, and confrontations with neighbors over dog poop on our property. While each of those are all posts in and of themselves and I'll probably blog about them over at Frog E. Luv, we have really allowed the negative to invade our lives and our tones of voice. I'm not saying that we yell at one another all the time or that it's a big fight, there's just an obvious undertone of frustration.

Anyway, according to my reading material, she should be able to hear us now so I talk to her a little more often and froggydaddy tells her good morning and such and this evening I asked if he'd like to read to her. I told him that he could pick the book because I wanted him to read her something he wanted to read. Being the froggyMarine that he is, he picked up the field manual for Marines (or something like that) and began to read to her about cleaning pistols. I was amused at his choice but seeing as how I'm not trying to educate her in the womb, just stimulate her a little and get her familiar with our voices I didn't stop him. The instructions turned out to be rather amusing and we enjoyed filling in the blanks with CLP and SPRINGS* as they were way overused in the instructions. By the end of it, my pistol springs would have knocked over my bottle of CLP and spilled it all over my soft rag.**

When the reading began she had been hopping around all over the place, I had just finished dinner and was relaxing on the couch, her favorite time to kick the crap out of me. Once Chris started reading she calmed down, I know that she was enjoying the sound of her daddy's voice. He finished reading and we finished talking and about 10 minutes later she was active again. I did not change positions, nor did I eat or drink anything to start her going again. I know beyond every doubt that she was listening to her daddy and learning his voice.

It's just amazing.

*Seriously, I think either CLP or spring was in every sentance at least twice.

**I'm a huge dork and this is cracking me just writing about it. Around the time Chris started yawning at his own reading I started making up my own scenarios and everytime he said "spring" I imagined a new one bouncing around the room...I think I had 50 by the time he moved on to ribbons and medals.


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