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The end of an era...

I knew I wanted to breastfeed my child(ren) from the moment I ever thought of having a child. It was the one thing I was sure of as a parent. After I had Madelyn there were some complications and I really had to fight to keep up my milk supply while she was on formula exclusively for 3 days, but I did it. I fought, I drank Mother's Milk tea, ate oatmeal and finally produced enough for my baby.

Somedays nursing her was our calm in the crazy. We've always been on the go and with moving and meeting new people I knew that whenever she and I would sit and she would nurse that she could look in my eyes and know that our love and bond had never and would never change. It was special. I would rub her little feet and touch her little face as she reached up to my face and rubbed my chest. It was our time. It was something that nobody else could have.

At 12 months I toyed with the idea of weaning her but with more moving in our future I just couldn't take away that constant co…

Beach baby...

There once was a baby named Madelyn. She hated getting her hands and her feet dirty, she'd look at the sand and crave the water but the feeling of the sand between her toes gave her the shivers. I would take her to the beach and we would carry her or have to put tennis shoes on her feet just so she would walk and play.

One afternoon two weeks ago I took her to the beach. I forced her to sit in the sand and we put hands full of sand into a small bucket where she promptly wiped her hands clean on my skirt between hands full. Then my parents came to visit and we ventured onto the beach for a walk after a yummy seafood dinner at Fish House VeraCruz and something clicked. We couldn't keep her walking because she wanted to sit in the sand and let it run through her little fingers.
On Friday we ventured down to the harbor and subsequently the beach. Mom bought Madelyn a little set of beach toys and boy did that little girl go to town with the sand! I took off her skirt so it wouldn'…


My parents left today after an 8 day vacation and I have been a teary emotional wreck. I don't know why it's hitting me so hard. I think it's because there are no immediate plans in the future to look forward to. This past week was so wonderful. We got to show my parents what we love about CA and I think they fell in love with it too. Madelyn loved having her Nana and Grandaddy here and greeted them every morning with smiles and hugs and kisses.
Our week was filled with love, fun, food, wine, laughter, and champagne...not neccessarily in that order, but there was a considerable amount of laughter after the wine.
I have a ton of pictures and a ton of stories about ginormous aloe plants, mice, and boomosity ratings but those will have to wait because I apparently need to go cry a little more before going to sleep without a goodnight kiss from my parents, like all 30 year old women do.
NO, I'm not pregnant, hormonal possibly, but not pregnant.

Going underground...

My parents are arriving in 3 hours 37 minutes and I am so flipping excited! I won't have much time for blogging I suppose, but expect tons of funny stories and great pictures when I do return. There always is plenty of hilarity to go around when my parents are around.

Zoo...and four more days!

This is mostly a picture blog but after her doctors appointment on Wednesday we decided to hit the zoo for a bit and it was definitely meant to be because we got a parking spot right up front!!
We were greeted by a little duck family... and then by a peacock... Some bears for Grandaddy...who will be here in FOUR days with Nanna!!!! A very special critter called the scrunchnose Madelyn
CO...COUG...Hey hey...COUGARS...cougars! :) Oh and this cougar was totally growling at an old woman in a wheelchair. She didn't like her one bit, followed her down the side walk and watched until she was out of sight. Hilarious.
Riding the chairlift back to the front gate.

Venting the doctor's appointment

I wasn't going to blog this but after talkng to my mom I realized how ticked I still am about this.

On Wednesday Madelyn had a doctors appointment where we were planning on scheduling the test that will tell us if her urine reflux has corrected itself or if we're going to have to explore other options. Well...that's not what happened. Let me preface this with Madelyn is fine, her medical condition isn't even noteworthy as it hasn't given her any problems and we wouldn't even know about it if she hadn't gotten a UTI at 2 months. So we're just kind of following protocol here and if it's not corrected a UTI could turn into a kidney infection and cause damage, but that has NOT happened.

So we meet with the pediatric nephrologist and the staff is nice enough and the doctor comes in and starts going into detail about her condition which was nice because he explained it in a way no other doctor had. Then he started talking about it posed a problem becaus…


1. We are in the middle of "June gloom" and I am so freaking sick of it! I just want to play in the sun! I had forgotten about this nasty little month in SOCal. I worked when we were out here before so the gloom was usually "burnt off" by the time I got off work. We spent May in the sun using copious amounts of sunscreen. Now we're lucky to see an hour or two of sun in the evening. Blah! I want a beach day!
2. Madelyn will not say Momma, Mama, Mommy, or anything else that resembles a maternal name. Everything is Da! Except Chris who is Dadee! or Dad! Chris can get a Ma Ma out of her every now and then, but not regularly.
3. This morning Madelyn went pee pee in the potty! We haven't begun formally potty training her but every morning when she wakes up, after nap, and before bath we go sit on the potty and this morning she finally peed! I'm so proud of her! We had to call Daddy to tell him. 4. Just in case there was any doubt of Madelyn being a Daddy's g…

Body paint

When you're the parent of a toddler, body paint brings to mind a whole different scenario than might have been there before kids. Today Chris was able to come home super early since he had 24 hour duty yesterday/last night and he and Madelyn went outside to fingerpaint. took a very different turn from the very beginning.

He squirted the paint out onto a cardboard box and miss priss immediately dipped her toes in and loved it! So now we're toe painting...

Look Mom I painted my own toes!

Cardboard covered in finger paint gets really slippery so off came the dress so that we could maximize the messy falling baby.

Uh oh...
Can you tell Chris had a hand in this part? Oh and that little bum was dripping with paint but the funniest part was that every time she sat down in it and got her hands messy she wanted them wiped off...cause she hates being messy.

Of course all good fun has to come to an end and luckily Daddy was there with the water hose and Mommy was prepared with a bath…


Why do strangers feel like it's OK to touch my daughter?

Why do people in Southern CA dress like idiots?

Why was there a rare ferret in my yard the other day when they are banned in CA and the kind it was is considered endangered?

Why isn't there free daycare at the base gym? Why are we the only base without it?

Why is my daughter in love with Yo Gabba Gabba?

Why is it still so chilly here at night?

Why am I posting a list of questions?

Why are you still reading this?

Seriously, why?


On Wednesday Madelyn graduated from Baby and Me. It was a fabulous little party and lunch and I can't wait to start Summer Fun and then in the Fall get her in classes with older kids. Here are some pictures from the graduation.

More from Asheville

On Wednesday night Chris and I took advantage of being near family and went out on a date. After learning that our original plan closed to the public at 5 p.m. we modified and endedup at the Grove Park Inn to look around and decided to stay for dinner out on the patio. This was our view at dinner.
Proof that it was our view at dinner. :)

This was the drink menu. The drink called The Charleston was invented by Chris but we didn't patent or copywrite it (or whatever you do to claim an alcoholic beverage that was invented on New Years in at a certain Aussie steakhouse because they made a wrong drink that tasted like crap so we discovered that chasing/mixing it with tea was better). We have witnesses.

On Thursday we went to the Biltmore Estate and were the only ones brave (or dumb) enough to buy rooftop tour tickets in the middle of heavy rainstorms. Luckily it rained right up to the point we were supposed to go outside. It was so much fun to have a private tour and a fabulous to…

Our trip in pictures - Madelyn edition

Last Saturday we left on a jetplane for Asheville and were lucky enough to procur an extra seat (we didn't buy Madelyn her own ticket) and she did as well as could be expected from a 19 month old.

No, we weren't on a spaceship, blogger won't load the rotated picture.

Madelyn was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses and I was amazed at how well she remembered everybody. There was the sweetest look of recognition in her face whenever she encountered another family member. It's kind of sad that the poor thing is so used to seeing strangers.

She ate nutella and graham crackers at midnight because she didn't think she needed to switch time zones...

She played the piano for Great Great Grandmother Brown at Great Grandmother Sue's house.
I'll post a video of her playing's so cute!

Friday was the rehearsal for Uncle Brandon's wedding and we had a cookout afterwards where she fell in love with the teeter totter.

Saturday was the wedding and she perform…