Body paint

When you're the parent of a toddler, body paint brings to mind a whole different scenario than might have been there before kids. Today Chris was able to come home super early since he had 24 hour duty yesterday/last night and he and Madelyn went outside to fingerpaint. took a very different turn from the very beginning.

He squirted the paint out onto a cardboard box and miss priss immediately dipped her toes in and loved it! So now we're toe painting...

Look Mom I painted my own toes!

Cardboard covered in finger paint gets really slippery so off came the dress so that we could maximize the messy falling baby.

Uh oh...

Can you tell Chris had a hand in this part? Oh and that little bum was dripping with paint but the funniest part was that every time she sat down in it and got her hands messy she wanted them wiped off...cause she hates being messy.

Of course all good fun has to come to an end and luckily Daddy was there with the water hose and Mommy was prepared with a bath.


Kim said…
that looked like so much fun. Good thing you guys were outside :)
How much fun! Your way better of a mom then me....I don't like mess like that!!!! She looked like she had a ball though!
The Lowe Family said…
that is an awesome idea! i'm gonna steal it. i just gotta buy like a refridgerator or something big with a box.

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