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In the deep down pit of my stomach I feel like something is off. I am so unprepared for my trip tomorrow, unable to make basic decisions, unable to formulate a plan of action, unable to pack with any direction. I usually think about and plan trips for weeks before they happen, this one has kind of snuck up on me. I am second guessing every decision I have made, stressing about making my connection and then I really don't want to be away from Chris.

I have everything I need ready to go...kind of so I guess I'll just go with what I've got and make it work. I'm usually so easy going about travel because I think it's silly to stress about it when you can buy what you forget at your destination...but for some reason I just can't wrap my head around the basics this time. I have a house to clean before I leave, a car to fill with gas and I still have to make sure everything is packed as it should be.

I'm so excited to go and see our family and for them all to s…

A glimpse

Here is a glimpse into our lives. No, these pictures weren't all taken today and I do usually dress my daughter, but sometimes I fear for my sanity if there are clothes involved.

This is one of 5 hats that she has to wear 75% of the time. Sometimes we have to take 2 or 3 hats with us in the car in case her tastes change mid-ride

She loves to grab the camera and say "Cheese!" I love this picture because you can see how much her hair loved our little bit of humidity today...there were curls everywhere! Then she had to set up baby "melmo" for his morning feeding from big "melmo". There is just something so wrong about this. If I move baby "melmo" I get told "no" and she fusses at me in her Madelyn jabber and corrects the situation. Yay for markers! Did you know that after a point washable markers aren't so washable? Oh, and that biting the tips off of them results in blue teeth? This is how naptime starts every day. She was takin…

Baby Melmo

Madelyn has an Elmo Live, the big one that tells stories and laughs and asks you pick him up if he falls down, she also has a small chattery Elmo that says something everytime you move him. Lately "baby melmo" has needed to be nursed by "big melmo" as she props the baby against the other Elmos chest and says "num num num" and then she covers "baby" up with a dishcloth.

I can't decide if this is incredibly cute or disturbing. But I do know that when I walk into the kitchen after she's in bed and the only thing in the floor is a couple of Elmo dolls it is very very creepy and I might have to throw a towel over them so that Elmo doesn't start walking around and follow me back to bed.

A good Monday.

Today has been a fairly good day, for a Monday. I beat Bonnie in our weigh in today. Actually, I kicked Bonnies butt in our weigh in today. So that feels really good, hopefully I don't undo it all with my cockiness and the cookies and cream candy bar I ate tonight.

Tonight I went to L.I.N.K.S mentor training and I had the most amazing time. I felt like I was in my element. I reconnected with a board member I worked with at the ASYMCA when we were here previously and in the small group I really felt like my personality came out. I can't tell you how long it's been since I have felt like myself in a group setting. I have been shying away recently and then I kick myself for being such a freaking weirdo. I don't know what it is, but I feel it peeling away and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love being a mentor. Thursday we have to give mini-presentations and then I'll see if I'm really cut out to help educate wives about different aspects of the Marine…

DJ Jazzy Madelyn

At least once a day Madelyn has to play DJ and forces me to have a danceparty. I have had to dance with a chattering Elmo, a couple baby dolls, curious george and of course Madelyn. These danceparties are created by the lovely music of her keyboard that has preprogrammed "demos". Here's a video of her playing DJ. Please enjoy the music, my favorite part is that she moves her fingers over the keys like she's playing the music.

You don't say?

Practice what you preach...

Today Madelyn was "painting" my face with colors out of her favorite book. OK, actually she just really likes the page that looks like finger paints and we talk about colors but cannot look at the other 50 or so pages in the book because they aren't the paint page. Anyway, she had just finished applying what I can only assume was a thick layer of white clown paint and I was distracted and did not thank her. She stopped mid reload, looked at me and said "Ma! Thay?" and did the sign for Thank you. Only after I said Thank you did she resume my application. Guess if I'm going to make her say "Thay" after she recieves something or somebody does something for her then I better do it too!

Things I am loving right now!

1. Weight Watchers. I feel so in control with it and I totally just finished off a completely "un-diet" friendly meal because you add up points and not restrictions!

2. Eating mexican dip for dinner and not feeling guilty.

3. Madelyn kisses and hugs and snuggles. She is so freaking snuggly!

4. Dancing in the living room to swing music in a little family circle of Chris, babydoll, Madelyn, and I. In that order.

5. Blackberries.

6. Getting rid of "junk" toys, thereby making my family room 90% cleaner.

7. Madelyn's new storytelling. She's always jabbered but now she goes into long stories about her her own language. You can pick out key words and actions to know what she's talking about but most of it is in her jabber.

8. So You Think You Can Dance Finale. Can't wait to watch it. Hoping for Kayla to take it!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Monday was quite an interesting day for Madelyn and I.

The Good - I hit a 10lb weight loss mark! It took about 5 weeks of kinda trying. I cut out a lot stuff, but just small things. Now Im really committed and counting points for WW so that I can beat Bonnie in our weightloss race. Our race is whomever hits goal first gets a new pair of jeans from the loser. Every two weeks we have weigh-ins and the loser buys the winner lunch and then we let the kids play.

The Bad - I lost my weigh in to Bonnie! She rocked out a 6lb+ weight loss to my measly 3. I had to buy her lunch, but then I forgot to pay her for Madelyn's McDonalds so I kinda didn't lose or win that part. Now I owe her and I bet she's accruing interest on that little chicken nugget happy meal so I'll owe her a couple Big Macs and several large orders of fries when I see her next.

The Ugly - We were at the playground with Bonnie and her younguns playing and chatting after lunch and I notice Madelyn playing wi…

DisneyLand - Day One

So, as most of you know we spent 3 days at DisneyLand last week as part of Chris' block leave and you've probably seen the pictures, so here's the rest of the story.

On Wednesday morning we woke up and drove up the road to Disney. Madelyn dozed on the way and that set us up for a perfect first day. When we arrived we went straight to FantasyLand to look around and Chris and Madelyn rode the carousel. Madelyn had a minor meltdown, but once the ride started she was great and had a fabulous time! Then we ventured into Toon Town to let Madelyn get out and roam a bit. There we checked out Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Chip and Dale's houses. Madelyn had fun wandering about and playing in Goofy's garden. It was pretty hot and we saw a ride that was an indoor wait and a short wait so we went for it. It was a Roger Rabbit crazy car ride and Madelyn LOVED it! She was looking at everything and loved being flung around as long as she was between Mommy and Daddy. We walked …