The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Monday was quite an interesting day for Madelyn and I.

The Good - I hit a 10lb weight loss mark! It took about 5 weeks of kinda trying. I cut out a lot stuff, but just small things. Now Im really committed and counting points for WW so that I can beat Bonnie in our weightloss race. Our race is whomever hits goal first gets a new pair of jeans from the loser. Every two weeks we have weigh-ins and the loser buys the winner lunch and then we let the kids play.

The Bad - I lost my weigh in to Bonnie! She rocked out a 6lb+ weight loss to my measly 3. I had to buy her lunch, but then I forgot to pay her for Madelyn's McDonalds so I kinda didn't lose or win that part. Now I owe her and I bet she's accruing interest on that little chicken nugget happy meal so I'll owe her a couple Big Macs and several large orders of fries when I see her next.

The Ugly - We were at the playground with Bonnie and her younguns playing and chatting after lunch and I notice Madelyn playing with a pine cone so I walk over to investigate just as she throws it down and makes her "yuck" sound and starts wiping her hands on her shirt. I get closer and notice something gooey to the side of the pine cone and wonder if it's sap or what. It was white and gooey. As I get to Madelyn I realize that the pine cone is really a dead baby animal and the white stuff is guts...and it's on Madelyn. I hold back the dry heaves and strip her down and walk her to the bathroom to wash her hands and arms thoroughly. I was kind of in shock, Bonnie probably thinks I'm crazy horrible Mom because my daughter was playing with a dead critter. Thank God there wasn't a putrid smell and upon further examination Bonnie determined that the white stuff was just milk from it's belly. There wasn't any blood or smell so I don't think it had been dead long...and there wasn't any rot, so I'm just going to believe that it was just barely dead and the milk got too hot and popped it's belly and all she had on her was milk.

Chris keeps trying to talk about having a bad day...but I'm pretty sure cleaning animal guts of our daughter wins me the bad day award for at least a month.

Now I'm wondering if I could say Bonnie's name a couple more times in this post. I'm sure I could squeeze out another "Bonnie" or two.


Bonnie said…
Well, that seemed like it was dedicated to me and I thank you. :-)

Oh yeah, that was a pretty bad day. You had to buy me lunch and then lose yours over a dead animal. But, in my house.... a ten pound loss outweighs all that. Sooo, really you had an excellent day! Way to go skinny minnie!

I'm gonna start working out soon... maybe.
Sumpffamilie said…
Ewe! I can not even imagine what you were going through.. yuck!! Hope your week is going better now!!

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