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Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday we set out to go to Pumpkins at the Park and halfway there we decided that we'd just drive on down to San Diego because Chris had a Marine to visit and I thought that we could just go to Boo at the Zoo.

So off we went. It was a gorgeous day, Madelyn was napping in the car and I used my super duper navigational powers to get us from the 15 right to the zoo. Nothing could stop us. Notice anything?

Yep. There was no "Boo". We looked everywhere but unfortunately did not find any Boo at the Zoo. I asked the information booth lady and she looked at me like I was did the membership lady. Chris is convinced that I just made up Boo at the Zoo in my crazy little brain and we spent the afternoon walking around laughing at the lack of boo at the zoo. We had a good time and played in the childrens zoo and saw the polar bears and rode the skyfari, so it wasn't a total waste. On our way home we passed the Del Mar Fairgrounds and there was a large tent set up wit…

Birthday After Party

On Saturday we had a few friends over to celebrate Madelyn's second birthday. We had a great time and here are some of the pictures. The kids in their birthday Mickey Ear hats
Yummy cupcake!Opening presentsThe gift boxes (and other crafty thing I've been doing)More presents (blogger is being difficult so the pics are a little out of order)

Yeah, yeah, yeah what's goin on?

As I previously mentioned I have recently caught a crafting bug...unfortunately I also suffer from project startitis so I generally don't finish ANYTHING I set out to do. BUT I am very pleased to say that in the past two weeks I have FINISHED 3 crafting projects that were pretty involved. Two of them are for Madelyns party tomorrow so you don't get to see until the Birthday After Party.

Here is the one I can share: I got this for $3 at the craft store, some 79 cent paint and one sheet of pretty paper for 50 cents. I wanted something to hang our jackets on by the front door so they could stop laying on the sofa table or floor.

Here is the completed project! I finished and got it hung just in time for the temperature to rise to 104 degrees! Woohoo! I'm so glad I have a place to hang our jackets for those chilly 90 degree days.
In other news, almost one year to the day of living in the same area, my dear friend Denise and her family moved out here! We had a great weeke…

How to enjoy a rainy fall day.



There's an ongoing tradition with Chris and his need to have food within 5 minutes of us arriving at any type of outdoor attraction, zoo, theme park, fair, pumpkin patch, you get the idea. Usually it's popcorn, but sometimes it needs to be a hot dog or something more substantial. It seriously happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, you would think that there wasn't any food outside the gates the way he sniffs it out and has to get something. I go along with it because if I deny food early on then he focuses only on getting food and we will tour the snack stands before actually enjoying the park. It's ridiculous.

Last week we went down to the Wild Animal park and not 30 feet inside the gate Chris started scouting out a bag of candy in one of the little shops. We were standing in the shop scoffing at the price of a bag of gummies when he looked over at the large glass square machine that was blowing around white fluffy stuff and asked "What's that?" When I told hi…


1. In support of my friend I am posting my own story of sadness and medication - the short version. We'll start with living in 4 states in 12 months, leaving the city of my daughters birth, leaving the coast with all of our friends and family on it, to move to one of our most favorite places, Southern California. Then we'll add in a little separation anxiety, mix a dash of loneliness and a situation that left me with less than desirable kidney function and you start getting a little sadness. Shake it all up with having to stop nursing my daughter abruptly so that I could start medication for said kidneys and you get crazy. I started really sliding downhill after I finished nursing and nothing seemed to make me happy. I blamed Chris, and then he fixed what he was doing to make me sad and I was still sad. So off to the doctor I went for my little prescription of zoloft and off to the therapist I went to figure out what was causing it all. We decided that having so much change in…