Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday we set out to go to Pumpkins at the Park and halfway there we decided that we'd just drive on down to San Diego because Chris had a Marine to visit and I thought that we could just go to Boo at the Zoo.

So off we went. It was a gorgeous day, Madelyn was napping in the car and I used my super duper navigational powers to get us from the 15 right to the zoo. Nothing could stop us.
Notice anything?

Yep. There was no "Boo". We looked everywhere but unfortunately did not find any Boo at the Zoo. I asked the information booth lady and she looked at me like I was did the membership lady. Chris is convinced that I just made up Boo at the Zoo in my crazy little brain and we spent the afternoon walking around laughing at the lack of boo at the zoo. We had a good time and played in the childrens zoo and saw the polar bears and rode the skyfari, so it wasn't a total waste.
On our way home we passed the Del Mar Fairgrounds and there was a large tent set up with a pumpkin on top so I aked Chris if he thought that was "Scare at the Fair". I think he's making my reservations in the rubber room this morning.
In my defense, the zoo does have a program called Boo at the Zoo, just not this year...and I think "Scare at the Fair" would be fabulously fun!


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