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27 weeks...

Hello there sunshine,

I can’t find the words to describe how much I love being pregnant with you, how close to you I feel, how wonderful it is to feel you moving around in there, to know that you’re doing OK. I love watching my belly dance with your movements, feeling the slightest change in position. I’m sorry for jiggling you up trying to get you to move just a little more for Daddy, it’s just so darn cute! You can ask the dog…we like cute and have a really hard time leaving it alone, but I promise once we have you in our arms we’ll work hard to not disturb you too much. There will times where I will just have to eat your toes and I apologize now for that, but it’s a flaw and I am OK with it.

We keep going back and forth on names for you and while we have a couple we really like, we’re terrified that they won’t be your name. Every other decision we have made for you thus far we have been able to research safety features, customer reviews and added in friend’s personal experiences…


Tonight for dinner I had a small cake batter ice cream w/ heath bar chunks mixed in from Marble Slab and for dessert a cheeseburger from McDonalds.

It's all about nutrition...

25 weeks...(and a day)

It happeened. I finally have reached such whale like proportions that I have outgrown a pair of maternity pants. I am 25 weeks - for those of you not familiar with gestation, that means I have 15 weeks still to go to full term. When you see me walking around in a muumuu in 5 weeks, please be kind and if you see me on the beach, please don't roll me into the surf.

When we first found out we were pregnant, I chose a pattern for a baby blanket to knit. I did research on yarns and picked out color schemes based on if we were having a boy or a girl. I had all of this picked out by the time I was 10 weeks pregnant. When we found out that we were having a girl, I revisited the many yarns I had picked and none of them seemed fitting now that I had time to think about it more. The colors weren't quite right and the texture was just a little off. At 20 weeks I finally bought the yarn. At 25 weeks I have knitted approximately 5 inches of blanket. I'm thinking she should have her blank…

Snippets of a phone conversation

"You have fig farts!"

"How am I supposed to know if a crib mattress is too hard or too soft? Lay one down on the floor in the middle of infants r them and lay on them one at a time? Just how do you expect me to get up off the floor when I'm done?"

"They can hoist you with the toy nets."

"Your fart just woke up your infant son becuase it smells so bad?"

"Cheese is not art!"

"You need to stop eating the fig newtons."



To: The Body of Frog E. Mama

Re: Workload and tasks

It has come to my attention that during this pregnancy a few of you have decided to slack off (I’m looking at you glutes!) and this is unacceptable.. I’m an equal opportunity employer and feel that it is unfair for uterus to do all the work, she has been working overtime for the past 23 weeks and it’s time the rest of you chipped in and did something for me.

“Womanly parts” will have time off in preparation for their laborious task (labor…haha get it?) that will happen in approximately 17 weeks. I expect them to train for this task and in training discover a way to transfer all pain into fat burning.

The rest of you? Here are your assignments:

Spleen - starting immediately, right now, working on an owners manual for baby. This manual will include, but is not limited to, whether or not she prefers bouncing to swinging, her optimal sleep times, how many times a day she will pee/poop, and any allergies. This will make my plannin…