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I love you Granny!

I will miss you.

You are what you eat...?

It's probably true. I am kind of a crazy eater. Especially when left to my own devices and not having another person requiring me to make an appropriate meal. Madelyn is content with a hot dog, macaroni and cheese, a peanut butter sandwich, or any number of other easy one person things for dinner. Me...I like weird stuff.

During deployment, especially before Madelyn, you will be hard pressed to find anything in my house to make a traditional meal. I get weird cravings for food and then I modify it so that it doesn't require too much effort. After all, I'm not going to put forth a ton of effort for a meal just for me.

Want proof?

My current go-to snack, meal, thing I can't get enough of is: an eggroll wrapper (that I bought to make eggrolls with but forgot to get anything to go in them) with a tablespoon of pizza sauce, 4 slices of pepperoni and some mozzerella cheese. No, I don't cook it, I just roll it up and chow down. I've eaten 7 in all three mea…

The best compliment

Last night I emailed Chris pictures of the "Daddy skirt" for his viewing pleasure since he cannot facebook or check blogs. I mentioned that I was proud of it and which blouse I used to make it, nothing else really in the email.

Today I recieved a phone call and among the rest of our conversation, out of the blue, he says: "That skirt is cute as hell." Coming from a man who usually says "It looks good." or "It looks fine", this is a huge compliment!

I am so happy that he is happy with it, afterall I did destroy one of his cami blouses to make it. :)

Conversations with Madelyn

Are you my baby?

No, not baby!

Are you my doodle bop?

No, not doodle!

Are you my big girl?

No, not big!

What are you then?

I Madelyn!

Friend Makin Monday - Easter Edition

Today over at {ae filkins} it is Friend Makin Monday!

::Favorite Things about Easter::
I posted last week that Easter is full of family tradition for me and this year, my favorite thing about Easter was that I have such wonderful friends to spend it with!  On Saturday we participated in an Easter egg hunt with our dear friends the Wiggins' at the lake  Here you can see how "daddy doll" enjoyed the day:
Then later that afternoon the Snipes family came down for a night filled with mess and candy and an  Easter day filled with more candy and mess. :)
Two toddlers breaking into more candy...

We dyed eggs in the grass, with stripped down 2 year olds so that the mess just wouldn't matter.  The kids had a blast and the moms were not stressed out because there wasn't anything that could be messed up!  Madelyn loved dipping her eggs in orange, then blue, then orange, then blue.  She wound up with gorgeous brown eggs.  After we cleaned up from eggs, it was time to decorate cupc…

The latest love in my life...

To meet her,  go HERE.  I promise it's worth it. She is beautiful. I think I will name her April.