You are what you eat...?

It's probably true. I am kind of a crazy eater. Especially when left to my own devices and not having another person requiring me to make an appropriate meal. Madelyn is content with a hot dog, macaroni and cheese, a peanut butter sandwich, or any number of other easy one person things for dinner. Me...I like weird stuff.

During deployment, especially before Madelyn, you will be hard pressed to find anything in my house to make a traditional meal. I get weird cravings for food and then I modify it so that it doesn't require too much effort. After all, I'm not going to put forth a ton of effort for a meal just for me.

Want proof?

My current go-to snack, meal, thing I can't get enough of is: an eggroll wrapper (that I bought to make eggrolls with but forgot to get anything to go in them) with a tablespoon of pizza sauce, 4 slices of pepperoni and some mozzerella cheese. No, I don't cook it, I just roll it up and chow down. I've eaten 7 in all three meals today consisted of this for me. Now I'm out of cheese and bummed. Plus I have a whole pack of english muffins that I bought to make little pizzas with that I'll now have to top with something else crazy. But those have to be toasted because it's just weird to eat them not toasted.

Don't judge.


Bonnie said…
That sounds disgusting. Are you sure you're not pregnant? YUCKY!

I'm having some issues with feeding my children lately. I will say that I have cooked two nights in a row and that is probably the first time since Dave left. My poor children will probably go into preservative withdrawals.
Tammy said…
If it was just me, I would probably just fix easy stuff too! Kids are so easy to please anyway! Hang in there! I really need to get back with Jillian or walking or something. I feel all frumpy again...grrr!

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