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So, here we are. I never pictured myself at this point in life. Children always seemed nice and sure I'd like to have one SOME day. That some day just seemed like a dream, like a fairytale just looming out in the future. My friends all got baby-fever and I didn't catch it. I began to feel like I'd be the one to not have kids. I've been married longer than most of them and am probably even a little more financially stable. What was my problem? Why didn't I want to have kids? Did I just miss out on the mommy gene? That couldn't be it. I love kids! I would take my friends kids for overnight visits and just have fun with them. Still didn't get the desire to have one of my own.

Then it hit. There it was. The morning I awoke and knew that I wanted a baby and I wanted it now. It took a little more time for froggydaddy to get on board (8 months actually), but I wasn't going to rush him. I knew how it felt to be pressured and having a child was …