MilSpouse Weekly Roundup

Welcome Friends!

Do you L-O-V-E somebody in the military? 
Then this is totally the place for you.
Please, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and make yourself comfortable. 

Hi!  I am Katrina aka Froggy Lady.

 I like frogs. 
 No really. 
 I do.

The Lily Pad is my little space on the internet that I like to call home. 
It's a place where I take off my shoes, relax and get a little crazy sometimes.
I also like to visit Four Ribbons  and get my craft on.
This is my Marine, he fights for freedom. That is HOT.  

This is Madelyn.  She is three and keeps me on my toes and sometimes renders me speechless. 

So now that you know a little more about me, please link up so we all can get to know you!

Oh and since we are all linked to the military somehow, you know there are rules. 
Don't worry, they're super easy and fun!
Link-up your favorite post from this past week with the little linky guy below.
Yep that's it.

Now, please, go, mingle, and leave some bloggy love for our fellow military spouse bloggers.

Don't forget to check out next weeks host,
the lovely Denise who has not one, not two, but



Thanks for hosting the roundup this week. Have a great weekend!
S from JSBKT said…
You have a great fam!! Thanks for sharing =)
Sara Mac said…
My First Weekly Roundup, How fun! Thanks so much for hosting.
thanks for playing host! i can't get over your family photo - too cute! {sorry} that i cluttered the roundup with a double computer spazzed while i was using the linky tool. blogging has not made me a technology sophisticate ;)
Mrs. Mootz said…
Thanks for hosting!!
KimmieD. said…
i'm your newest follower!

love the blog!
Semper Wifey said…
Thanks for hosting! Your blog is adorable, and I look forward to following!
Your blog is too cute and I enjoy reading it! Thanks for hosting the round up, I'm new to the blogosphere, and enjoy finding fun new blogs to keep up with! :)
♥ Dani said…
Your blog is so cute... and I love that you love frogs! Everything ties together nicely. I just joined the link-up too. Have a great week!
Athena said…
Thanks for hosting! Happy Friday :)
Dr. Army Wife said…
Thanks for hosting!
Thanks for hosting. I love frogs too! :D
LOL! love the whole "fights for my freedom is hot" statement! I could agree more! Love it!!!

thanks for hosting

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