Friend Makin Monday - Easter Edition

Today over at {ae filkins} it is Friend Makin Monday!

::Favorite Things about Easter::

I posted last week that Easter is full of family tradition for me and this year, my favorite thing about Easter was that I have such wonderful friends to spend it with!  On Saturday we participated in an Easter egg hunt with our dear friends the Wiggins' at the lake  Here you can see how "daddy doll" enjoyed the day:

Then later that afternoon the Snipes family came down for a night filled with mess and candy and an  Easter day filled with more candy and mess. :)

Two toddlers breaking into more candy...

We dyed eggs in the grass, with stripped down 2 year olds so that the mess just wouldn't matter.  The kids had a blast and the moms were not stressed out because there wasn't anything that could be messed up!  Madelyn loved dipping her eggs in orange, then blue, then orange, then blue.  She wound up with gorgeous brown eggs. 
After we cleaned up from eggs, it was time to decorate cupcakes!  I baked mini-cupcakes and we just let the kids have at it with icing and sprinkles.  Madelyn even enjoyed the way they tasted!
Really enjoyed it.

Easter morning we woke up to eggs "hidden" in the yard and enjoyed a fun day with friends!

Madelyn had such a good time that she passed out on her beanbag chair watching wow wow wubzy at 7:10.


Bonnie said…
Sounds like a happy day! 2 year olds are so cute and full of fun; along with lots of care. Cute pics!
Shell said…
What sweet pics!
jennykate77 said…
Looks like you guys had a fun Easter! Love the pics! :)
Tammy said…
Sounds like fun...and at least you had good weather to dye eggs in the buff! M is a cutie pie! I loved her daddy doll in her easter basket! :)
Stacy of KSW said…
Man, she makes me want a mini cupcake :) Glad you had a Happy Easter

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