There's an ongoing tradition with Chris and his need to have food within 5 minutes of us arriving at any type of outdoor attraction, zoo, theme park, fair, pumpkin patch, you get the idea. Usually it's popcorn, but sometimes it needs to be a hot dog or something more substantial. It seriously happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, you would think that there wasn't any food outside the gates the way he sniffs it out and has to get something. I go along with it because if I deny food early on then he focuses only on getting food and we will tour the snack stands before actually enjoying the park. It's ridiculous.

Last week we went down to the Wild Animal park and not 30 feet inside the gate Chris started scouting out a bag of candy in one of the little shops. We were standing in the shop scoffing at the price of a bag of gummies when he looked over at the large glass square machine that was blowing around white fluffy stuff and asked "What's that?" When I told him it was the stuffing to stuff your own critter, he said... "Oh, I thought it was something to eat. I'm not interested any more."


Kim said…
That is freaking hilarious!
Sumpffamilie said…
I am literally laughing out lod. Love it.

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