1. In support of my friend I am posting my own story of sadness and medication - the short version. We'll start with living in 4 states in 12 months, leaving the city of my daughters birth, leaving the coast with all of our friends and family on it, to move to one of our most favorite places, Southern California. Then we'll add in a little separation anxiety, mix a dash of loneliness and a situation that left me with less than desirable kidney function and you start getting a little sadness. Shake it all up with having to stop nursing my daughter abruptly so that I could start medication for said kidneys and you get crazy. I started really sliding downhill after I finished nursing and nothing seemed to make me happy. I blamed Chris, and then he fixed what he was doing to make me sad and I was still sad. So off to the doctor I went for my little prescription of zoloft and off to the therapist I went to figure out what was causing it all. We decided that having so much change in the past year, some upsetting news and hormonal changes were all to blame. So here I am happily medicated and plugging through. I was worried about not feeling, about being numb, but I'm not. I feel like I did before the bottom fell out and that is good. It makes me a better mother, a better wife, a better me.

2. I have gotten a crafting bug and I have like 50 bazillion projects bouncing through my head. Anybody want to send me some money so I can fund them all?

Aren't these freaking adorable?

I'm thinking Nightmare before Christmas tree for Halloween!

3. Madelyn's favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Last night we were all piled in bed watching it and I asked if she wanted to be Belle for Halloween and Daddy could be the Beast. She looked at me all excited, pointed at Chris and said "da Beast!" Love it! Until Chris said I had to be the old hag.

4. The other night I made seasame noodles and Chris was a little less than excited for my meal so when he was called back into work he happily grabbed something at subway. Well, I have eaten on these divine noodles for 3 days and he finally asked to try one and decided they were actually pretty darn good and could I make them again. Woohoo for yummy noodles! The recipe is from Pioneer Woman and I lub them.

5. It's finally cooled down enough here that I think another beach day is out of the question. I'm kind of bummed because I feel like I kind of wasted the summer with not going to the beach enough.

Since 5 is a good number to end on, I will do so and go snuggle in bed with my two loves and a movie.


Sumpffamilie said…
there's nothing wrong with a little help via medincation, I was on some after we moved twice in EVan's first year... and then weaned myself off after a year. But sometimes when a lot is going on and you feel like you can't be where you want in life, not just location, you need that little bit of help. Your good! I'm with ya!

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