A glimpse

Here is a glimpse into our lives. No, these pictures weren't all taken today and I do usually dress my daughter, but sometimes I fear for my sanity if there are clothes involved.

This is one of 5 hats that she has to wear 75% of the time. Sometimes we have to take 2 or 3 hats with us in the car in case her tastes change mid-ride

She loves to grab the camera and say "Cheese!" I love this picture because you can see how much her hair loved our little bit of humidity today...there were curls everywhere!
Then she had to set up baby "melmo" for his morning feeding from big "melmo".
There is just something so wrong about this. If I move baby "melmo" I get told "no" and she fusses at me in her Madelyn jabber and corrects the situation.
Yay for markers! Did you know that after a point washable markers aren't so washable? Oh, and that biting the tips off of them results in blue teeth?
This is how naptime starts every day. She was taking a bite of sandwich right when she fell asleep, she sleeps through hand washing and face cleaning (especially fun on peanut butter days).
After nap we have a little snack, usually graham crackers and peanutbutter or nutella.
One thing is for sure, she keeps me on my toes...and keeps me amused.
Oh, and that top picture...she's butt nekkid. Her newest trick is to strip out of her diaper and run through the house laughing ridiculously. This day she took off her shirt, her diaper and threw on a hat before taking off. Some days I think I'm just along for the ride.


Bonnie said…
She has the best personality! I love her!

That is hat is so cute, where did you get it? I really need to get em some more. She is my only child that actually wears a hat.

I hope that you ate some of those crackers with nutella. I hear they are very good for the waistline :-)

By the way, I think I'm still going backwards. I really need to start taking this serious. I'm hoping that when the kids get in school, I will be more diligent with working out!

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