Things I am loving right now!

1. Weight Watchers. I feel so in control with it and I totally just finished off a completely "un-diet" friendly meal because you add up points and not restrictions!

2. Eating mexican dip for dinner and not feeling guilty.

3. Madelyn kisses and hugs and snuggles. She is so freaking snuggly!

4. Dancing in the living room to swing music in a little family circle of Chris, babydoll, Madelyn, and I. In that order.

5. Blackberries.

6. Getting rid of "junk" toys, thereby making my family room 90% cleaner.

7. Madelyn's new storytelling. She's always jabbered but now she goes into long stories about her her own language. You can pick out key words and actions to know what she's talking about but most of it is in her jabber.

8. So You Think You Can Dance Finale. Can't wait to watch it. Hoping for Kayla to take it!


Bonnie said…
You watch that dance movie too! Everyone watches that show, I just don't see the intrigue. But whatever, I love Biggest Loser and most people don't get that.

I need to pull out my WW manual. Apparently you are taking the next weigh-in a lot more serious than me. I really need more motivation to run! I have got to start working out in some way.

I wish I could see your dance party! It must have been fun with Chris in the circle too! Fun!
I love your new background! Sounds like you have a new attitude with your weight loss! Love it!!!! Although, what did that mean for us when we just sat in the sauna and YOU would sweat, but I wouldn't? I need to figure something out, so that after I have this baby I can lose the 30 lbs I have put on!!!!!

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