Baby Melmo

Madelyn has an Elmo Live, the big one that tells stories and laughs and asks you pick him up if he falls down, she also has a small chattery Elmo that says something everytime you move him. Lately "baby melmo" has needed to be nursed by "big melmo" as she props the baby against the other Elmos chest and says "num num num" and then she covers "baby" up with a dishcloth.

I can't decide if this is incredibly cute or disturbing. But I do know that when I walk into the kitchen after she's in bed and the only thing in the floor is a couple of Elmo dolls it is very very creepy and I might have to throw a towel over them so that Elmo doesn't start walking around and follow me back to bed.


The Balls said…
that's so funny!! ellison has progressed from nursing her baby doll to now wanting to nurse avery! she basically just shoves her "na na" in avery's face & fortunately, it takes about oh, 5 sec, for her to nurse her!

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