In the deep down pit of my stomach I feel like something is off. I am so unprepared for my trip tomorrow, unable to make basic decisions, unable to formulate a plan of action, unable to pack with any direction. I usually think about and plan trips for weeks before they happen, this one has kind of snuck up on me. I am second guessing every decision I have made, stressing about making my connection and then I really don't want to be away from Chris.

I have everything I need ready to go...kind of so I guess I'll just go with what I've got and make it work. I'm usually so easy going about travel because I think it's silly to stress about it when you can buy what you forget at your destination...but for some reason I just can't wrap my head around the basics this time. I have a house to clean before I leave, a car to fill with gas and I still have to make sure everything is packed as it should be.

I'm so excited to go and see our family and for them all to see Madelyn and all her craziness...seriously she is a mess. Case and point. Yesterday she pitched several fits. In the middle of one we were trying to leave the house and I think she was crying because the air she was breathing was the wrong color*and I told her to get baby and to come on. She stops crying, goes to her cabbage patch doll and gives her a kiss and then to her curious george and gives him a kiss and tells them "bye" and then walks to the door and resumes her screaming about the color of the air.

Perhaps this is why I'm so anxious about tomorrow?

*Not really, but I honestly don't know why she was crying. To my knowledge there wasn't a reason.


Bonnie said…
I can't believe that you're leaving me. Ok, so are we going to continue our weigh in every other Monday. We can just keep tally of all the un-awarded wins, and when you get back we can meet on the off weeks to just have lunch and payback all said un-awarded wins.

So far:

_____ _____


I plan to even this out before you get back. I don't like losing!
Bonnie said…
Hey, that was all lined up when I entered it... now it's all screwy.
The Lowe Family said…
u keep going on trips. i REfollowed ur blog just now because bonnie told me it wasn't private but for some reason i wasn't getting ur updates in my dashboard...hmm...

i'll be better, sorry :T
I'm not getting your updates either?!?! I need to check into that. I totally forget to come to yours because it is/was private.

I love the "color of the air" thing! It's totally true!

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