Practice what you preach...

Today Madelyn was "painting" my face with colors out of her favorite book. OK, actually she just really likes the page that looks like finger paints and we talk about colors but cannot look at the other 50 or so pages in the book because they aren't the paint page. Anyway, she had just finished applying what I can only assume was a thick layer of white clown paint and I was distracted and did not thank her. She stopped mid reload, looked at me and said "Ma! Thay?" and did the sign for Thank you. Only after I said Thank you did she resume my application. Guess if I'm going to make her say "Thay" after she recieves something or somebody does something for her then I better do it too!


Bonnie said…
Ah, that's so cute. It's always amazing to see how much they learn and pick up. She's a smart girl!

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