A good Monday.

Today has been a fairly good day, for a Monday. I beat Bonnie in our weigh in today. Actually, I kicked Bonnies butt in our weigh in today. So that feels really good, hopefully I don't undo it all with my cockiness and the cookies and cream candy bar I ate tonight.

Tonight I went to L.I.N.K.S mentor training and I had the most amazing time. I felt like I was in my element. I reconnected with a board member I worked with at the ASYMCA when we were here previously and in the small group I really felt like my personality came out. I can't tell you how long it's been since I have felt like myself in a group setting. I have been shying away recently and then I kick myself for being such a freaking weirdo. I don't know what it is, but I feel it peeling away and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love being a mentor. Thursday we have to give mini-presentations and then I'll see if I'm really cut out to help educate wives about different aspects of the Marine Corps. Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself. :)


Bonnie said…
Oh yada yada yada... next time I'm gonna whoop ya! You can count on it :-)

I'm excited for you to get involved with the L.I.N.K.S program. It will be a good way for you to stay connected with people and keep you going... especially when Chris is away!
Wiggins Family said…
You will be an awesome Mentor... and way to go on the weigh in..

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