Venting the doctor's appointment

I wasn't going to blog this but after talkng to my mom I realized how ticked I still am about this.

On Wednesday Madelyn had a doctors appointment where we were planning on scheduling the test that will tell us if her urine reflux has corrected itself or if we're going to have to explore other options. Well...that's not what happened. Let me preface this with Madelyn is fine, her medical condition isn't even noteworthy as it hasn't given her any problems and we wouldn't even know about it if she hadn't gotten a UTI at 2 months. So we're just kind of following protocol here and if it's not corrected a UTI could turn into a kidney infection and cause damage, but that has NOT happened.

So we meet with the pediatric nephrologist and the staff is nice enough and the doctor comes in and starts going into detail about her condition which was nice because he explained it in a way no other doctor had. Then he started talking about it posed a problem because the one "hole" was close to the other "hole". Seriously? You are a doctor and you are using the word hole to talk about my daughters anatomy? Fabulous.

Then he says we need to test for kidney damage and if there is none then we can just stop worrying. At first this sounds great because I've had that test and it's little more than an iv and x-rays. Wrong, because of Madelyns age this would require sedation! How sedation is better than a catheter(what the other test requires plus an xray) I don't know. Plus after that test we still won't know if her condition is corrected or not. Meaning that any uti could go to her kidneys so we'd be on pins and needles with every fever still.

Factor in that Dr. Hole did not speak English as his first language so I started to feel railroaded because if I asked a question he just kind of rephrased what he'd already said acting like it was a language barrier and that I was the one not making sense.

Add to it that Madelyn was fussy and uncomfortable and fussy and I couldn't make her discomfort go away until she peed in the little bag so by the end of the appointment I was just done with the whole thing.

I'm working now on getting a referral for a second opinion. There is no reason to think she has kidney damage so therefore no reason to sedate her to test for it in my opinion.

We'll see what another doctor who actually knows the proper terms for anatomy says.


Dang girl!!! Foresure get a second opinion!!!! Especially if you think there is no real reason for a kidney infection with her....I wouldn't want to put her under either! That is very scary!!!!!
The Lowe Family said…
lemme dot indian? i'm having the same issues. will tricare allow a second opinion referal? i've asked a ton of ppl and no one knows...

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