My parents left today after an 8 day vacation and I have been a teary emotional wreck. I don't know why it's hitting me so hard. I think it's because there are no immediate plans in the future to look forward to. This past week was so wonderful. We got to show my parents what we love about CA and I think they fell in love with it too. Madelyn loved having her Nana and Grandaddy here and greeted them every morning with smiles and hugs and kisses.

Our week was filled with love, fun, food, wine, laughter, and champagne...not neccessarily in that order, but there was a considerable amount of laughter after the wine.

I have a ton of pictures and a ton of stories about ginormous aloe plants, mice, and boomosity ratings but those will have to wait because I apparently need to go cry a little more before going to sleep without a goodnight kiss from my parents, like all 30 year old women do.

NO, I'm not pregnant, hormonal possibly, but not pregnant.


I HATE saying goodbye to my parents. It is so much harder now to do it with having kids too. I really enjoy having my parents around my kids and watching them all interact with one another. It brings me sooooo much joy! Just print off a life size picture of them, and set them up around your house...that might make you feel better?
Bonnie said…
Ah, Katrina, you are making me so sad! I hate that you are having such a hard time. You really should have come afterwards and we would have all made you feel better. We missed you!

Well, I hope that today was better!
The Lowe Family said…
whatever...amber is a weenie. her parents are like 10 minutes away (well you'd think as much as she goes there) and she's sad about not seeing them? try having ur parents in TEXAS or how bout this....the other side of the country like katrina!!!!!!

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