1. We are in the middle of "June gloom" and I am so freaking sick of it! I just want to play in the sun! I had forgotten about this nasty little month in SOCal. I worked when we were out here before so the gloom was usually "burnt off" by the time I got off work. We spent May in the sun using copious amounts of sunscreen. Now we're lucky to see an hour or two of sun in the evening. Blah! I want a beach day!
2. Madelyn will not say Momma, Mama, Mommy, or anything else that resembles a maternal name. Everything is Da! Except Chris who is Dadee! or Dad! Chris can get a Ma Ma out of her every now and then, but not regularly.
3. This morning Madelyn went pee pee in the potty! We haven't begun formally potty training her but every morning when she wakes up, after nap, and before bath we go sit on the potty and this morning she finally peed! I'm so proud of her! We had to call Daddy to tell him.
4. Just in case there was any doubt of Madelyn being a Daddy's girl she has been carrying around a picture of us from the ball and pointing at him and saying "Dadee!" and grinning for the past 2 days. This started because after 20 minutes I got tired of standing in the hall at our family pictures letting her pick him out and saying "Da?"

5. On Wednesday Madelyn had a dr appt regarding her kidney reflux and I didn't care for the doctor or his plan for treatment. I'm fighting for a second opinion now. She was very uncomfortable/unhappy at the appointment so I resorted to doing anything I could to distract her...
Don't you just love that little scrunch nose? I love it. I'm going to go kiss it now.
6. After the doctors appointment we made an impromptu visit to the zoo! It was a lot of fun, I think Madelyn enjoyed it and we were able to renew our membership so we can go back whenever we feel like it! I love being able to just pop in and not feel like we have to see everything.

OK, so there were more zoo pictures than I thought so I guess I'll do a whole post on just the zoo.


Bonnie said…
I want to kiss that nose too! It's adorable. What is on her ears anyway? Is it one of those eggs from the Great Dino Hunt? Emmalyn lost rights to hers when the big kids spotted them.

We will have to head to the zoo, we have season passes too.
Laura said…
Potty training!! I'm so jealous. Kiersten is so afraid of it. We even have a Dora potty seat that goes on our toilet. Waiting now for the Dora potty training book that has a flushing button, then are going to enlist Elmo's help. Daddy's tired of diaper duty! lol
She looks adorable!
Kim said…
shut up about the potty training!!! GAH!!!!!!!! I don't want to hear it.

whats wrong with her kidneys?
Love her little nosebud! Too stinkin cute!!!!! So, are you going to have her potty trained before she stops nursing?!?!
Froggylady said…
I figured her college graduation was a good time to stop nursing... ;)

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