Why do strangers feel like it's OK to touch my daughter?

Why do people in Southern CA dress like idiots?

Why was there a rare ferret in my yard the other day when they are banned in CA and the kind it was is considered endangered?

Why isn't there free daycare at the base gym? Why are we the only base without it?

Why is my daughter in love with Yo Gabba Gabba?

Why is it still so chilly here at night?

Why am I posting a list of questions?

Why are you still reading this?

Seriously, why?


The Lowe Family said…
the rare ferret was there because someone was keeping it as a pet until the announcement came out and they didn't want their nosey neighbor to tattle so they released it into the wild only to DIE. dummies.

ur NOT the only base that doesn't have free daycare. mine doesn't either. it's like $2 or 3 bucks an hour per kid and you only get two hours. thats not NEAR enough time to work out AND sit in the sauna.
Why?!?!? Because we love you!!!!!
Bonnie said…
Why do I comment when I can just call you?

Why do you need a gym when you have a living room so big that you can run laps in it?

Why do let your daughter watch Yo Gabba Gabba... do you like to dance?

Why on earth are you able to spot an endangered ferret?

Seriously, Why?

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