Zoo...and four more days!

This is mostly a picture blog but after her doctors appointment on Wednesday we decided to hit the zoo for a bit and it was definitely meant to be because we got a parking spot right up front!!
We were greeted by a little duck family...
and then by a peacock...
Some bears for Grandaddy...who will be here in FOUR days with Nanna!!!!
A very special critter called the scrunchnose Madelyn
CO...COUG...Hey hey...COUGARS...cougars! :) Oh and this cougar was totally growling at an old woman in a wheelchair. She didn't like her one bit, followed her down the side walk and watched until she was out of sight. Hilarious.
Riding the chairlift back to the front gate.


Dang girl...you really lucked out with all the animals being out and active. Everytime I've ever been to the zoo, they are always sleeping or hanging out in the shade.

That scrunchnose Madelyn critter, looked like a very rare species!!!! Too adorable!

I think that the cougar wanted to eat the old women in the wheelchair!
The Lowe Family said…
was that peacock picture especially for me? aww ur so sweet to think of ur NC friends :)

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