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On Wednesday night Chris and I took advantage of being near family and went out on a date. After learning that our original plan closed to the public at 5 p.m. we modified and endedup at the Grove Park Inn to look around and decided to stay for dinner out on the patio. This was our view at dinner.
Proof that it was our view at dinner. :)

This was the drink menu. The drink called The Charleston was invented by Chris but we didn't patent or copywrite it (or whatever you do to claim an alcoholic beverage that was invented on New Years in at a certain Aussie steakhouse because they made a wrong drink that tasted like crap so we discovered that chasing/mixing it with tea was better). We have witnesses.

On Thursday we went to the Biltmore Estate and were the only ones brave (or dumb) enough to buy rooftop tour tickets in the middle of heavy rainstorms. Luckily it rained right up to the point we were supposed to go outside. It was so much fun to have a private tour and a fabulous tour guide who was fine letting Madelyn run around a bit and she took pictures of us on the roof.

She also told us about this secret little road that lets you get views like this.
I have a ton more pictures of the Biltmore Estate. Do you want to see them?


Bonnie said…
I wanna see em! I love that last picture, it's beautiful. I love how well it reflects in the water. Very pretty.

I suppose you guys are gonna claim you invented "sex on the beach" too but please, spare us the details!
The Lowe Family said…
those pictures are awesome!!
Sumpffamilie said…
I can vouche for the drink!! Wow, that was years ago!!
Some great photos!

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