Somersaults - 20 weeks

Hey there little munchkin!

Just yesterday I was wondering about when your daddy would finally be able to feel you. I have been feeling little flutters for a couple weeks now even though none of them were really definitive that they were you, I knew they were. I knew that you were in there moving around, dancing if you're anything like your mama. Then last night I was lounging on the couch after dinner and you started moving really actively! I called your daddy in and as soon as he got there and put his hand on you, you stopped moving. I don't know if it startled you when I called for him or if the weight of his large hand intimidated you, but you were still. He waited for 5 minutes, hand on my belly, and you were still. About 10 minutes after he left you started doing gymnastics again so I called him again and I could tell by the look on his face that he was just indulging me and that he didn't expect to feel anything. You had settled back down but he had patience and then you did it, some huge somersault that startled and amazed him all at once. When thinking of feeling a baby for the first time you think of feeling some little flutter, a subtle movement, delicate like a flower. You blew that thought right out the window with your hijinx!

It is so amazing to feel you and to know that you're in there and doing OK. I feel like you can hear my thoughts but I talk to you outloud anyway, just in case. I want you to know that we love you,, that we're going to do the best that we can for you. You are amazing, you are our answered prayers, you are our blessing and I only hope that we are able to measure up to what you'll deserve. I'm not going to lie, it's terrifying to know that we'll be responsible for a little person, a person who will one day go out and be her own contribution to society. But right now I won't worry about that, right now I'll just sit back and feel your little tumbling routine and savor these moments because right now? Right now, I can fool myself into thinking I have control.

Love you,



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