I know that crazy dreams are normal during pregnancy and it kind of scared me because I already had wild dreams before I was pregnant. Now my dreams are more crazy, more vibrant and seem more and more real every night. For example:

Monday night I must have dreamt that my friend and I had made lunch plans via gmail chat because on Tuesday I had to ask her what plans we'd made. I didn't remember specific plans, but I remembered making them. We didn't. Who dreams about chatting with their friend on gmail? Seriously?

One night I dreamt that I was fighting with another friend over telling his fiancee some strange secret about his family (I think it was that he had a sister with a physical handicap) because I was trying to break them up, but I wasn't trying to break them up and my argument kept being "I know she's (the finacee) sweet, so if I was trying to break you up I would have told her that you killed your sister!"

I dream real life situations, ones that are obscure and crazy, but could be real and I wake up in a daze wondering if that just happened and completely confused and disoriented. I have dreamt about the dog jumping of the bed and telling him to get in his bed and then woken up and he's curled up next to me.

I wonder if our little girl dreams while she is in the womb or if we somehow share dreams (I know she has her own brain, but there can't the chemicals/hormones released by my brain while dreaming somehow effect her?), I wonder if she thinks the world is crazy and just what the hell that little dog is still doing in her bed.


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