Deployment Myths debunked - #1

Everyone always talks about how empty their bed seems when their spouse is deployed.  I find the exact opposite to be true.  Here is a list of things in my bed currently:

4 pillows
3 baby dolls
2 pooh bears
1 large teddy bear
3 blankets for the baby dolls
5 books

To be added to the bed in about an hour:
1 Daddy doll
1 2 year old
1 Mommy
1 laptop

and any other item needed by the 2 year old for tonights slumber.

Somehow having my Marine home and in bed is going to be so much less crowded!


Audrey said…
Like your comments very much. I hope the daddy doll is the one that holds a picture. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
so true! this made me want to check my bed and i had 1 daddy doll, 1 toddler pillow!, 4 big girl pillows, 1 baby blankie and 1 lovey. plus some dirty laundry at the end of the bed, ha!!

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