Tardy to the Party

I think I'm a little more than fashionably late to the whole team Edward / team Jacob party, but I did watch New Moon last night and I have to say that I am Team Cullin. I'm not so much for the moody vampire who doesn't want to be a vampire. I thought Edward was supposed to be like a million years old. Shouldn't he be past all this teen angst crap and happy with himself? He glitters for heavens sake! If he were a girl, he'd be saving a ton of money on glitter dust. So while I'm not really digging Edward, you have to admit those inlaws are pretty awesome. All except the ones that want to eat you, but we all have our issues with inlaws.

Despite the fact that Jacob and his clan run around shirtless and are totally yummy doing so, they are a pack of dogs. Speaking of the shirtless thing, how do their jeans stay intact or do they just always have a spare pair hanging around? I guess shirts are too much trouble for a man-dog thing. I don't know. Anyway, what was I talk about? Oh yeah, shirtless man-dog things. His abs and pecs may be awesome, but he turns into a dog when he gets mad. Am I the only one that sees the superior lack of romance in this fact? Can you imagine fighting with your husband over not doing the dishes so he turns into a huge man-dog thing and licks them clean, pees on the floor and then sheds all over the bed? Yeah...not my idea of something sexy.

This brings me to Bella's incessant need to become a vampire and I have to wonder how well the girl has thought this through. Is she going to be "vegetarian" or is her first meal gonna be some bum? What happens when a Cullin family member bites her to change her and then Jacob kills them all? Then she really won't get to have her precious glittery corpsy dude.

I haven't read the books, but I really really hope that Eclipse introduces a zombie that eats all three of them and then lives with the Cullins as a pet. Kind of like ALF. The Cullins' can eat deer and the zombie can snack on cats. That's a sitcom I'd watch.


Shell said…
That last paragraph....totally cracking up!!!
Trisha said…
Okay...so you finally got me to comment on your blog!! Go figure...the Twilight Saga would draw me in rather than your adorable and fantastic crafting abilities!! Lord I need help!!

Okay...so yes I agree...Edward is a a bit brooding. However...while he is written this way to an extent, I don't think it is as central in the books so they cancel each other out. I am actually surprised that you are team Edward without reading the books. Jacob is quite attractive but very much underage hence the reason he is plastered on my daughters wall and Edwards magazines are in mommies room!! Haha!! And to answer your questions...yes they actually either stash shorts around the forest or tie them to their legs and run around...I know I know...silly.

Glad you finally joined the party!!
Tammy said…
Oh girl...go and buy the books and read them...you will love them!!!! Trisha answered the question about the pants. I am like Trisha and love Edward just because I am a mom and Jacob is too teeny boppy! lol!

I can hardly wait until Eclipse! I am a huge Twilighter!! Glad you joined late! :)
Anonymous said…
this made me LOL - you are tardy to the party! i was as well, just read them all right before deployment started :P i'm totally team edward though!!
Star Spangled said…
Thank you for your sweet comment. It made me feel better. :)

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