What do you get...

In my quest to leave my frump at the dump, I've been trying to become more active and in doing so, I bought a wii fit.  I love games, I'm competitive and I can do it braless in my pajamas if I so desire.  I was pretty excited that while wii thinks I need to weigh less than I've ever weighed in my adult life, that it calculated my "wii fit age" at 32.  I was expecting 50 or something.  One feature is that you tell it your height and it weighs you and your little person resembles their interpretation of your body shape.  This is OK as long as  you are the only one on the screen.

Once my brother and sister in law made their profiles and put in their heights that are taller than me, it made their "miis".  I guess since I was first I got the middle spot, so now whenever I turn on the wii fit, I'm standing between two tall skinny miis and I suddenly look like an oompa loompa.

Thanks wii, for making feel like a short fat orange guy with bad pants.


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