34 weeks - 1 day

OK Punkinhead, we need to come to an agreement right here and now...

My bladder is not a trampoline. My lungs are not punching bags. My belly button is not an actual button for you to push from the inside, it won't do anything special, I promise.

Now with that said I can commence with the sweet.

Hey baby girl, it amazes me every day how much you move and grow and how you get comfortable at night just like mommy and your comfort is evidenced by the huge lopsided lump in my belly. I love to feel you and to rub you through my belly. I know you can feel us now because you respond with slight movements and less subtle kicks and punches.

You respond to your daddy much more now and will play a little game of "tug of war" where he'll push on your foot (or hand) and you'll push back. Last night you kicked him on command because he was asking mommy to do something ridiculous like cook dinner or some obnoxious thing. I can almost always find a foot or a hand pushed into my belly button, you've done this for over a week now and I'd love to know how it is that you're sitting where pushing an appendage into the center of my stomach is comfortable, but it's pretty neat to know that you seem to have a favorite position already. What's more interesting will be to see how this position relates out here in the real world.

I've been counting the weeks until your arrival and now they have slowed down. I keep thinking "Only 6 more weeks!" and then in the next thought it's more like "Wow, I still have 6 weeks left". I'm trying to enjoy every moment of having you so close to me and knowing exactly where you are and what you're in to. Plus you don't cry at this stage, or poop (not where I have to clean it up), or spit up, or scare me by doing any number of weird baby things, so there's a lot for me to enjoy. However, it's hard to fold your little clothes and blankets and not imagine you in them or to think about nibbling your little toes when I'm matching your socks.

I just want you to be safe and healthy, so take your time, do what you need to do and when you're ready, we'll be here waiting and ready to meet you and kiss your precious little head and nibble your toes.

Love you,


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