Melting my heart

A conversation from this morning:

"What did I even look like before I was pregnant?"

"Not as cute as you do now."

If that doesn't melt your heart then you are dead inside.


ALW said…
OMG Kat - I'm sooooooooo excited for you!!! Pregnant! With a girl! :D

Do you remember me? Amy, from eDiets days of yore? My daughter Hailey is now nearly 18 months old (born March '06 - an Aries like her father... and you!), adorable and ever so bright (though I may be just a smidgen biased... ;)). I just happened to find an old link, in a forgotten bookmarks folder, to Frog E. Luv, and from there to here!

So glad I did! Your writing, as always, is a joy to read. And the love you have for your family just pours out of every word - your daughter is incredibly blessed to have such an amazing mama!

With love,
Kat said…
Oh my gosh! Amy! Hi! So great to see you and so exciting about your own little girl! I hope you keep popping in.

Take care,


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