Of dreams and conversations

Several weeks ago I dreamt that we weren't able to bring home our daughter because we didn't have a carseat for her. I had to leave her at some strange house and ask about her feeding schedule, I woke up in tears. Two weeks ago, Mom and Dad bought us a carseat and stroller and wrote a note that it was so I could sleep better.

Two nights ago I dreamt that I had been able to bring her home (afterall we have a carseat now) but that she didn't have any clothes because I hadn't washed them yet. I emailed Mom about my latest dream so that she knew we'd now gotten her home and a new paranoia had set in*.

Dad called this morning to let me know that they'd fallen for it once, but I wasn't getting a new washer and dryer!

I love my parents!

*I imagine dreams like this will never go away...but just in case, I washed her blankets yesterday and the rest will follow today or tomorrow.


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