Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knock knock...

So EVERYBODY but ME is KNOCKED UP! No really...there have been way too many pregnancy announcements in my life that aren't my own.

On a lighter note...you know with the trying to concieve and all and this being my time of ovulation* and my husband being out of town we tried one last ditch effort before he left to knock me up and as I was taking him to the airport he was going through the goodbye spiel of how he was going to miss me and for me to be careful and then with a grin on his face said:

"I hope you get pregnant! When you do I'm going to tell everyone I was in Colorado and don't know anything about it!"

Gotta love him!

*So maybe you didn't know that...now you do.

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M.Thom said...

I wanted to let you know that I TOTALLY know how you feel! More and more people are announcing pregnancies everyday, and me? Nothing! It's driving me nuts! Hopefully, we will both have something to announce soon!