A few of my favorite pictures...

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past two(?) weeks. I think ya'll should come up with some captions for them.

This is how the tree in the front yard looked yesterday morning

Birthday cake

Yes, I do love capturing her mid meltdown. She is so freaking dramatic and it cracks me up everytime.
I will have internet tomorrow and boy do I have some great stuff to share so I will stop copping out with pretend updates and pictures.


Amber said…
Is the first pic of snow?!? Umm, yah you can keep that up in Ashville with you, don't be blowing that down our way. Madelyn is sooooo cute! I love the one in her Pooh outfit, its like the one that I have of Emma-Kay in her flower one. And I can't believe your not sharing your coffee with her! Your so mean! I love her face. Emma-Kay is the the same way with the meltdowns, she is such a drama queen! Miss you guys!
The Lowe Family said…
I hope your upcoming posts talk about how much Madelyn LOVES her new chic outfits from Miss Jessica and how I'm such a great person and you used to hate me when you first saw me but now you love me to death and you wish u were me or at least moving close to me and how you love everything about me...you, the important stuff.
Bonnie said…
I have to agree about the Pooh outfit! It's is so freakin' adorable. I just wanna eat Madelyn when she has it on! I love it! I can't believe how grown up she looks!
Keep the pics coming so I can recognize her when I see her again!
By the way, you really need to tell Jess that if her head gets any bigger she won't have to be on the West Coast to be your neighbor. Gah! Prideful, much!?
Wiggins Family said…
Miss Madelyn, please feel free to throw those DRAMATIC moments when ever you feel you need too, because you are too darn cute. As for your Mommy not sharing her coffee, well it doesn't surprise me. K, I love her pink dress, so much so that I bought Reese a larger PURPLE version over the weekend. LOL. Miss you both tons.

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