27 Days of Thankful Days 9 & 10

I have a really hard time blogging daily huh?

Day 9 - I am thankful for powdered soup mixes like onion beef or vegetable, they add so much pep and flavor to simple dishes and the vegetable soup mix is AWESOME for spinach dip.

Day 10 - I am thankful for all of the Marines that have served, are serving, and will serve this great nation of ours. I am thankful for the Marines that have fallen fighting for what they believe in, fighting so that my family, friends, and strangers may continue to enjoy the freedom and security that we have today. It is because of Marines and the job that they do that we don't live in a war torn nation and that I am able to share my opinions with the world.

Happy Birthday Marines!

Go check out Amanda and see what everyone else is thankful for.


Good list. :) My sister serves as a nurse in the AF and her husband flies Black Hawks for the Army (he'll be deployed again soon), so I am thankful for all branches these days. Thanks for linking up! :)

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