Shopping? No thanks.

I usually enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes...anything really. Until now. Until the scale is moving in a downward motion while my stomach moves outward like I'm a bloated whale who ate an entire salt lick for lunch. I don't look pregnant, just fat.

OK, so I know I'm not really fat but also I know that my clothes are fitting a little tighter than is comfortable so last night we ventured out in search of clothes that aren't maternity but would grow with me a little bit. Think gauchos and loose shirts. At first I started towards the Misses dept. where I usually find a few cute tops and stuff and was reminded that there probably wasn't anything there for me. Then Froggydaddy kept picking up the most hideous things he could find and laughing as he showed them to me. At one point I was a little frustrated and reminded him that larger clothes didn't have to be ugly. To which he replied "Honey, I don't think they make pretty tents!" I know he meant it in fun and I think he's more anxious than I am for me to get that "pregnant belly" because he was very much into trying to find actual maternity clothes.

We moved on to another department store to try to find a dress that will work for an afternoon wedding in a week and an evening wedding at the end of the month. I did find a few that worked but they didn't have much growing room and I just can't justify dropping $80 on something I might not ever wear again.

In the end, Froggydaddy directed me towards the shoes as he left the mall to go into work at his second job (bouncer at a downtown night club, decent money, works with friends and when I wasn't preggers I was there with him most weekends) and I didn't even feel inspired by shoes. I think I was sick. I did finally end up buying a pair of sunglasses because sunglasses? they don't stop fitting when your roughly the size of a barn.


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