Nobody ever mentioned the tired. The pure exhaustion and lack of energy that comes with the first trimester. I guess for most the nausea and morning sickness overshadow it. I have been lucky and had very little nausea and what I did have was mostly at night and I just wore Sea Bands to sleep in and would wake up feeling fine. Eventually the nausea moved from being every night to only being triggered by certain smells and foods. Meat being the biggest offender. I still can't eat red meat but I have added limited chicken back into the diet as long as I don't have to cook it or look at it raw. Yes, I am aware of just how lucky I am with this and am not complaining at all. I have known a few people who were so sick through their first and second trimesters that they were absolutely miserable.

My biggest "issue" has been the tired. I would wake up OK in the morning usually earlier than normal and thoughout the day I would just get more and more tired. I was like a doll when you pull the string it talks all fast and goes and as the string gets shorter the voice gets deeper and slower. On the weekends I could take naps and how I lived for those naps. During the first trimester we took a cruise and while it was fabulous I was ready to crash by 11 p.m. One night I actually fell asleep during the comedy routine of this very large, very loud, very funny black man. I think I may have actually fallen asleep mid laugh. Shh...don't tell him though I think he might kill me if he knew.

Now that I'm starting my second trimester I'm feeling the energy come back a little bit here and there and I'm trying to break the habits that I started when the energy was lacking. You know, now I have to clean my house and possibly cook a meal or two and not go lay down in the bed at 7:30 and actually live a little. Those habits are dying hard. Last night I did some gardening, folded laundry and then out of habit layed down in bed. I actually had to make myself get up and move to the couch so that I was at least not in bed by 8. I was in bed by 9:30 though and that is normal prepregnancy bed time.

So, if you're newly pregnant and reading this...beware the exhaustion. They don't warn you about it nearly enough. I hope you have more exhaustion than nausea because it's definitely the lesser of the evils.


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