Good News

Well, we did receive the results of our amniocentesis last week and everything is perfectly normal! It was such a relief to get that news even though we wouldn’t have loved the baby any less if she had Down Syndrome. Oh, did you catch that part? That part right there where I said “she”? Oh, yeah…we got that result too! Woohoo!

There is no real reason why my blood test was so screwy and we’ll probably never know, but we are not ruling out the effect my kidney disease, IgA-Nephropathy, could have played in the results. Again, I am purposefully using key words because this is the type of story I would have loved to find when I originally got my results back. A story of how everything worked out OK and that it was just a wonky test. It would have eased my fears that first night even though every single persons experience is different.

Now that we know we’re having a little girl I have gone into full on plan / shopping / thinking of everything mode. I had put off everything until we knew the gender and until I was just a little further along in my pregnancy. Now I can’t be stopped, I eat, drink and breathe baby planning. Froggydaddy and I are going on a recon mission to froggyb*bies are them to look at strollers, carseats, and all that fun stuff so that we don’t rush into a decision and just pick the first thing that is sparkly.

Now, when I say recon…I mean recon. Froggydaddy is a Marine after all and well…recon is what they do. On Sunday while my Mom and I were squealing over cute baby outfits at the outlet center, Froggydaddy was stopping other dads with strollers and asking them how they liked that make and model and if it folded easy and whatnot. So if you were in our area on Sunday and were approached by an odd man and asked about your stroller don’t worry it was just my husband out completing his mission.

Now I am soliciting advice. What is the one baby item you couldn’t live without and why?


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