Wow...I feel normal. I don't really feel pregnant of course unless you count the constant feeling of being bloated and the tears that sometimes happen before I even crawl out of bed because I'm really not sure what I can wear that will be comfortable and there might be the horror of thinking something will fit only to pull it on and have it not fit at all.

It's funny because everyone asks how I'm feeling or how I'm doing and I'm not doing any different except if I go out with friends then I'm the sober one laughing at their drunk asses and that makes me feel just fine because nothing is better than going out with friends and having a good time and still being able to function in the morning.

Of course there is little that is worse than thinking you still look not-pregnant until you see said pictures from the night out and realize that holy cow(!) you look bloated and you thought the black shirt and heels were slimming and heaven help you if indeed they were slimming and you're on your way to being a cow.

I know that weight gain is normal during pregnancy but I'm just ready for it to show that I'm pregnant so that strangers just don't think that I'm the fat girl with my friends.


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