Superficial things I am loving about being pregnant

  • Maternity pants. Why have all the pregnant women kept these a secret? They are like sweat pants you can wear to work! Maybe it's from trying to continue to wear my regular pants for so long that when I get dressed in the morning and can slip on one of the two pairs of maternity pants I own I feel like I should just lay back down in bed. It's awesome! I may never go back to regular pants again! Well, at least not for stressful fat days when I have to work.

  • Tanning. I can sit outside for 15 minutes reading a book and I have tan lines! This makes it fabulous because I eat my breakfast outside on the patio, read for a minute or two, get hot, come inside and TADA! I've got a tan! Well at least on the front of me...I need to start working on the backs of my arms and legs now.

  • The boobs. I've never been lackign in this department but since being pregnant they are significantly fuller and fill out my shirts nicely. Talk to me in a month and see if I still like them. I'm betting I'll be sick of pulling up my shirts by then.

  • The endless amusement I get by rubbing and feeling my belly. It's fat! But still somewhat muscular! It feels like a firm beach ball and doesn't go flat when I lay down. This seriously amuses me to no end. It is shameless the amount of times I stand in profile to make Froggydaddy check out my belly.


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