Anybody seen Jonah?

I've heard the stories about random people commenting on the size of a pregnant woman and while it's always chalked up to stupidity it's still a little painful and makes you view youself in a whole new light. I prefer no light when I'm looking in the mirror so that I may continue to imagine myself with a substantially smaller belly and while I'm at it I go ahead and shrink my butt and firm up several other areas as well....I may be delusional, don't send help.

I've been spared many of these comments so far because unless I'm wearing an obviously pregnant outfit I don't feel that I really look pregnant except from the side view. I've gained a whopping 15 lbs in the 30 weeks I've been gestating froggybaby so I'm honestly pretty happy with my size despite outgrowing a pair of maternity pants. I still feel like a whale compared to my old body and I tend to waddle late at night when I may or may not be rocking cankles.

Today** I had a regular doctor appointment and when I was done and headed down to the lab for some bloodwork, the tech looked at me and asked when I was due and I told her October 30. Her response "Are you having twins?!?" Now I've seen the size of some of the women walking around the clinic and I KNOW that I am no where near their sizes. Let's just say there are some big ladies carrying babies in this area.

If anyone needs me, I'll be sitting in the dark dreaming of my smaller self and eating ice cream...until my baby girl comes and then I won't really give a damn now will I?

**I wrote this a week and a half ago and saved it as a draft and forgot to actually post it...we'll blame the pregnancy brain.


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